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Day 1 – 03.09 – Administrative and technical checks, trial, show.

In the first part of the day, the technical and administrative checks will take place, on each section separately. In the second part of the day, after a little relaxation time, there will be a welcome dinner after which everyone is invited to the trial area where the off-road and enduro guys will offer us an unique night show full of surprises! The evening will end with a wine tasting and, of course, a party!

Day 2 – 04.09 – Start of the special stage SS1

On this day, the first special stage will begin.Considering that we are coming after a night party, the day will be relatively easy.Rally Raid and Raid Adventure will have a first special stage, of accommodation, with a length of approximately 80 km, speed one, 90% being on macadam. The performance area is one that will definitely surprise you and give you an extra dose of adrenaline! Off Road Max will give us a demonstration of strength with their “monsters”, on the specially arranged area, then they will present the concept of the Rainforest Challenge doing their best as they always do, through mud and ravines!

Day 3 – 05.09 – Special stage SS2

Rally Raid will start in the second special stage, this time a technical one, with “everything”. Its length will be approximately 220 km. Raid Adventure will start on a journey of approximately 200 km. Off road and Enduro are preparing for the move to Sebes.

Day 4 – 06.09 – Transfagarasan – Strategica SS3 – Transalpina

This day is a special one for Rally Raid and Raid Adventure. First of all, discussions are being made to close the Transfagarasan, especially for you all, for one day it will be yours, so you can enjoy the ride! A Bell helicopter will supervise you from the air and photographers, videographers and drone operators will put the show you created, in digital light and color! We need to mention that we bring the best photographers, videographers and “borgs”!? After Transfagarasan we will enter on a special stage on Strategica, a road that will take you to the most spectacular peaks! At the end of the day we will stop for a night, in a remote, closed provisional park, up in Ranca. There, we will provide you dinner and accommodation for one evening, free of charge, because you deserve it! It will be a long day, with a lot of asphalt, some technique in places, tiring and on top of that it will also be cold up, but that’s not what this is about!?

Day 5 – 07.09 – Special stage SS4 – Liason main park 2 Sebes

In the morning we will leave from Ranca and after a short special stage of approximately 100 km, we will return to the park from Avrig. From the moment you enter in the Avrig park, you have 4 hours to collect your own logistics and move to the main park 2, Sebes (liaison 80 km). In this way, we say goodbye to the beautiful area of ​​Avrig and move to another wonderful area, Sebes!

Day 6 – 08.09 – Special stage SS5

In the morning, the start of the first special stage will begin from Sebes, of approximately 250 km, being a technical and navigational one. Also on the 6th day, the technical and administrative checks will take place for those who will only compete in the CNRR. So, those who are only participating in CNRR, they present yourselves directly in the Sebes park. We will announce its location on Sportity.

Day 7 – 09.09 – Special Stage SS6 – Gala

In the morning, there will be the start for the last special stage, which will also be the IV stage within the CNRR. This will have a length of approximately 250 km and will also take place in the Sebes area. And here will be the final moment, after a wonderful 7-day adventure, we will end the event with a mega party, with fireworks, live music, food, drinks and more and more

Day 8 – 10.09 – Returning home.

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2 – 10 September 2023

4V Motorsport Sports Club Association;

OffRoad MAX

4Venture Expedition
Thetis Association
Obsidium Association